Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tom's Island Paradise

And this from my friend Susan DuQuesnay at Juanita's.
"June 8 - I don't know where this Carmencita woman gets off complaining about the living conditions and forced prostitution and abortions in the Marianas Islands. Whine, whine, whine. They have wonderful golf courses there, just ask Tom DeLay. Get over it, woman; Tom DeLay has needs, too. And don't forget Tom's biggest need - men with money! A wine and cigar fundraising party? Oh yeah, spending an evening with a bunch of old stinky drunk guys who look like a bad Sigmund Freud joke is certainly my idea of a fun evening."

Thanks, Susan. Our friend Tom certainly has it covered, or uncovered (if he wanders into the right Saipan establishment).

And something else I just read: this guy Hastings, the Republican from Washington who is head of the House Ethics panel, has close ties to DeLay's buddy Abramoff, or whatever his name is. He replaced Arlen Spector, who apparently wanted a REAL ethics inquiry into Tom's dealings. Hastings voted against imposing a minimum wage requirement on the Northern Marianas. He received several thousand dollars from Abramoff. Of course, this had nothing to do with his vote, I'm sure!

The two new Republicans who they added to the panel are also contributors to Tom's defense fund. MY, my, my. As they say, "it just gets curioser and curiouser."

The House Ethics panel aint goin to investigate Tom. Appoint an independent counsel!

I read that four more Marines and soldiers were killed last weekend. Four more reasons to get rid of Dubya!


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