Friday, June 10, 2005

Bush Lies

Yeller dawg was goin to take the weekend off, being tired from the weddin and all, but there is so much stuff happenin with those Republicans, he just cant.

1. How about that Downing Street Memo? You know, the memo written by British intelligence (is that an oxymoron?) (sp?), that proves Dubya planned to invade Iraq a long time before he admitted it, and was tryin to fit the intelligence to support his war plan. Why, he even planned to use the U.N. to foster his nefarious scheme.

Dubya didn't need to worry bout the U.S. press. They were so cowed, they would never even mention it. But he didn't count on the German guy (Steve Holland from Reuters) who had the absolute bad taste to ask about it while Dubya and his lap dog Blair were taking a victory lap (press conference). Of course, lap dog was the first to take a crack at it, and he got up and lied and lied and lied, but no one from the mainstream media had the guts or inclination to call him on his lies. Then Dubya got up there and lied some more. Same non-response.

With mdia coverage like that, Hitler would have come off as Mother Teresa.

Foregoing was loosely taken from a Joe Conanson column in the June 10 edition of

2. How about poor Howard Dean? He goes aroung the country doing what he is supposed to do, put burrs under Republican saddles, and his own party piles on. Even sad sack Joe Lieberman (the biggest DINO in Congress). Meanwhile, his Republican counterpart, Ken Melhman, gets on "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert, and lies so much his nose should reach Saipan. Of course, dear old Tim lets him get by with it. Turn in your press card, Tim. You are soo over!

This thanks to a column be Ariana Huffington, June 7,

Five more Marines were killed in Iraq yesterday.

Five more reasons to get rid of Bush!

tomorrow, I will tell you about the House Republicans trying to gut the U.N. and NPR, with DeLay right in the middle of it.

yeller dawg


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