Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Juanita's take on things

and what day would be complete without a couple of quotes from our friend Juanita of the Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, courtesy of Susan DuQuesnay: Aint this so true? Juanita has got it all figgered out!

"May 24 - Oh goodie, Tom DeLay is playing doctor again. Why is it that he only cares about people before they're born or as they are fixing to get their names on the Roll Up Yonder? When Tom DeLay skips a day of golf and adopts an embryo, I'll start taking him seriously. Maybe we could tell him that embryonic stem cell research might lead to making his next facelift a little less painful.
May 23 - You know what is amazing to me? Republicans don't have any friends. I mean that. Take a lookie right here. When Bill Clinton did the dirty deed, Democrats were livid. They cussed him; they chewed him out like a red-headed stepchild. There's a story going around that one of them even hit him with a lamp. But, not one of them claimed not to know him. In fact, most of them said, "He's my friend. He did wrong and I've hollered at him. But, he's still my friend." Republicans don't do that. And sometimes they don't even know three people all at once."

Be sure and go to the links. You might learn sumpin!

yeller dawg


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