Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bush-is he working for you or Big Oil and Gas?

yeller dawg rec'd this flier from The Wilderness Society:

"George W. Bush, President, received $2.36 million in contributions from Big Oil and Gas in the 2004 election-more than any other candidate in a decade." The flier went on to detail some of Bush's rapes of our environment: dropping out of the Kyoto accords; loosening emission standards for chemical plants; opening drilling and logging in pristine wilderness areas; etc. Dubya, you were elected to protect the environment, not tear it down.

The Society's web site is I hope some of you will visit it.

What is Bush trying to hide about Bolton? He won't release documents to the Senate that is investigating him. Looks like more lies, half truths, and obfuscating!

Did you know that the Democrats who are seeking to block his nomination, a "minority," represent more citizens than the Republican "majority?" Bolton would be a disaster.

yeller dawg


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